The Otago Archer

I may be the last person in the (sewing) world to have made an Archer. I'm sure you've all seen this pattern many, many times before so I won't bother going into too much detail.

I love this fabric I got on vacation at The Fabric Store in Dunedin, New Zealand*. It didn't jump out at me when I first saw it, but then the thought struck me that it would make the perfect button-up shirt. It's a super lightweight, almost see-through cotton. It's fantastic for Texas because with the sleeves rolled up, I'll even be able to wear it in the summer.

*Dunedin's in the Otago region of New Zealand, hence the title of this post

I matched up the plaids using this tutorial from Jen at Grainline Studio. I cut a straight 0 and the only change I made was adding my own self-drafted pocket (also seen here and here) instead of using the included, rectangular one.

I also cut the outer yoke, button placket, and pocket on the bias for some added visual interest.

I definitely see many more Archer shirts in my future... (I'm looking at you dotted chambray)

<3 Lindsay

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