Hemlock Tee

 Things I love about making t-shirts:
1. Super fast
2. Super easy
3. Super comfortable and wearable finished product

I made this shirt using the free Hemlock Tee pattern from Grainline Studio. It's a one-size-fits-all pattern, and as I'm pretty petite it's definitely slouchy and over-sized (read: insanely comfortable) on me.

I followed Jen's tutorial to make the shirt, including the colorblocking bit. Although for the neckline I sewed one shoulder first, then attached the band, and then sewed the other shoulder. I think that method's easier than sewing both shoulders first and then sewing the neckband in the round.

The dark gray fabric is a hacci knit from Girl Charlee (available here) and the purple jersey is from an old dress of mine. They're both so soft. You can't see the texture of the hacci knit very well in these pictures, but it's a really interesting fabric. It has more of an open weave than most knits.

I shortened the shirt by a good 4-5", as it was almost long enough to be a mini-dress on me (I'm 5' 4"). I also shortened the sleeves, but I think the length they're at looks kind of awkward. I might shorten them some more or just remove them entirely. What do you think?

<3 Lindsay

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