Me-Made-May Weeks 1 & 2 Round-Up

Here's my first weekly that bi-weekly. Oops. At least I've stuck to my pledge of wearing me-made everyday!

I've also been posting my daily outfit pictures on Instagram - find me @designbylindsay!

 Day 1 - Archer shirt

 Day 2 - Lady Skater peplum

Day 3 - Hemlock Tee and Maritime Shorts

Bonus Day 3 - Nettie Dress

Day 4 - No picture, but I wore the same outfit I wore on Day 7

Day 5 - Maritime Shorts and BurdaStyle raglan tee

Day 6 - BurdaStyle scoop back shirt and Maritime Shorts

Day 7 - Short sleeve chambray dot Archer

Day 8 - Archer shirt (same outfit as Day 1, but different hair at least)

Day 9 - BurdaStyle dress

Day 10 - Tania Culottes and Nettie Bodysuit

Day 11 - BurdaStyle lace yoke shirt

Day 12 - No picture, but I wore the same outfit I did on Day 5

 Day 13 - BurdaStyle chambray shirt

Day 14 - Plantain merino sweater

Wearing me-made everyday hasn't been hard, but trying to come up with new outfits has been a bit of a struggle. I still need to make more basics: t-shirts, bodysuits, and shorts mainly. Maybe a dress or a blouse. And one day I need to conquer my fear of making jeans as well.

How's your Me-Made-May going?

<3 Lindsay