Pinstripe Sleeveless Archer

Every Archer I make seems to have less sleeves than the one before it... first long sleeves, then short sleeves, and now sleeveless!

I followed Jen's tutorial on making a sleeveless Archer. You basically just shorten the shoulder seam and take a couple slivers off the armholes. I also made a couple other adjustments to the pattern to make it fit a little better, namely shortening the bodice by 1.5" and taking in the side seams by .5" on both the front and back pieces.

I think this is a great summery look that's a bit preppy without going overboard.

I debated whether or not to leave the collar off. Really I think it would have looked good either way, so I decided to go the route of less work ;)

The pockets are my self-drafted pockets that I use in various sizes for most of the shirts I make (including menswear). I prefer the pointed shape, and I think smaller pockets make the shirt a bit more feminine.

The fabric is a lightweight cotton pinstripe shirting that has such a lovely hand. It was really easy to work with and feels great to wear. Amazingly enough, it's from Jo-Ann's! Every once in a while they have some really nice fabric. My local store no longer carries it (it's from the spring collection), but it's available online in both the navy/white and red/white colorways.

My husband likes my shirt so much that I'm about to order more of this fabric to make one for him! Don't worry - we won't wear our matching shirts at the same time. We'll save stunts like that for entertaining ourselves in our old age ;)

Thinking of making a sleeveless Archer yourself? Check out what these lovely ladies did for some more inspiration:

How about Katy's butt ruffle version? Or Lauren's lovely floral? Kyra's sashiko embroidered yoke is just gorgeous, but you can't go wrong with Rebecca's classic gingham. And I love Tante's adorable bow pockets!

Endless possibilities! Happy sewing, everyone!

<3 Lindsay

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