The (Accidental) Nettie Shirt

Nettie number 3! (See 1 and 2.) This was actually supposed to be a bodysuit, but I blithely ignored the suggested amount of vertical stretch the fabric should have. I thought it would be fine because my last bodysuit wasn't very vertically stretchy either, but I think this one has practically none. Lesson learned.

I was almost finished, the leg binding was on and everything, when I tried it on and realized that crotch was not gonna snap. Or rather, it maybe would, but then the neckline would be pulled indecently low. I thought of adding an extra piece of fabric to make it a bit longer, but I decided to just turn it into a shirt instead.

So I took my rotary cutter to it right above the leg openings (goodbye perfect bindings) and cut a new strip of binding to finish the hem. I'm happy with it, even though it's not what I originally planned.

I did both the scoop neck and scoop back on this one. Paired with some shorts it's perfect for summer!

If you haven't hopped on the Nettie bandwagon yet you should check out this inspiration post Heather Lou just did in preparation for the sew-along. Netties, Netties everywhere! I really want to try that triangle cut-out. Maybe Nettie #4...?

<3 Lindsay

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