Birthday Shirt!

Last week was my husband's birthday and this was my present to him: button-up shirt #7! Including a few shirts made for others, this actually marks my tenth time making this pattern, so I'm a pretty dab hand at it by now. It's the Frank shirt from BurdaStyle: Sewing Vintage Modern and it was actually one of the first few patterns I ever sewed, back before I knew that you weren't supposed to learn sewing by making button-up shirts. Although I think having my first few projects be really difficult helped me out in the long run. I never had time to develop a fear of button-holes, invisible zips, linings, etc. because I'd already naively slogged through doing them. Too bad I didn't make a fly zip at that stage because I've still never been able to insert one correctly...

The fabric is a navy/white pinstripe cotton shirting from JoAnn that I LOVE. It's the same fabric I used for my sleeveless Archer (which I wore about a 100 times this summer). When my husband saw it he decided he wanted a shirt from it too, unfortunately it was already sold out in store. I found it online, but then JoAnn cancelled my order about a week later saying they didn't actually have any in stock. So imagine my surprise when about a month after that I saw the fabric in the "recommended for you" section of their e-mail newsletter. Err, thanks for letting me know it's back in stock JoAnn? So I ordered it again and actually received it this time, although it came it two 1.3 yard pieces rather than one 2 yard piece. Err, thanks JoAnn??

At least I have enough extra to make a third garment now. This fabric is seriously so nice to sew and wear. Soft, lightweight, great quality... Questionable customer service aside, I think JoAnn's apparel fabric selection has really been improving lately. They're definitely making an effort to keep up with fashion trends, and I've been noticing more natural fiber fabrics as well.

Construction-wise I don't have much to add that I haven't said before. The collar is self-drafted because the one that comes with the pattern is huge. I slimmed down the collar stand as well. The button plackets are folded to the inside rather than the outside. The pocket is also self-drafted - just two simple rectangles. The top rectangle is folded in half with both raw edges sewn to the bottom rectangle. You may have noticed (or not) that the pocket is on the right side rather than the left. I did that intentionally because my husband is left-handed, so a pocket on the right would be easier to use. I never really thought about the sided-ness of pockets, but I guess that makes sense?

I enjoyed playing with the direction of the stripes to create some subtle interest. I think the wood buttons are a nice touch as well. (Thanks to Zoe for the idea to order wood buttons in bulk! Definitely a great addition to my stash.)

And with this shirt I've finally perfected the placement of the buttons. It's always hard to get the top button and the collar stand button exactly right so there's no pulling.

My husband loves this shirt, and I'm really pleased with the construction as well. I took my time on this one, and I think it shows. Next up is another button-up (for me!) - the Bruyere tunic. I'm planning on sewing up a muslin today.

What's on your sewing table?

<3 Lindsay

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