Cat Lady Shirt

This is my entry for the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge hosted by Erin of Miss Crayola Creepy. When I saw this challenge I knew I just had to participate. I'm a lifelong cat fanatic. When I was little I "married" my cat. Every time I go on vacation I befriend random cats in the street. In fact, my mom tells me that the first word I ever said wasn't the typical "mama" or "dada", but "cat". Sounds about right! I currently have three cats - Jubal ("Jubes"), Julep ("Lady"), and Dingo ("Dinge"). I could go on and on about how they came to live with me (all strays or rescues) and their very distinct personalities, but I don't want to bore you too much. :)

...But because they're so adorable, I will share a few pictures from Jubal's cross-country road-trip when he was a kitten. Just try and stop me ;)

Not many kittens get to see the Grand Canyon or the Pacific Ocean! He was so good in the car too. We drove from Texas to Portland, OR (and back again 1.5 years later).

And here he is today, in all his glory:


Err.. anyway, did you come here to see a garment? Oops. Well, like I said, I knew I had to participate in this challenge but... I don't really do novelty prints. There's definitely some adorable cat fabric out there, and I love seeing everyone else's makes, but I know that if I made a cat dress out of quilting cotton it would never get worn. So I tried to go a more subtle and practical route, while still keeping with the cat lady spirit.

I found this metallic leopard print ponte de roma at I usually try to avoid polyester, but this was my favorite of the leopard print fabrics that I found. It was super easy to sew with, and the edges are so clean that I didn't bother hemming or adding a neckband like I'd originally planned. I modified a self-drafted pattern (that I'm planning on releasing soon!) to get the silhouette I was after. This fabric is fairly thick and doesn't have much stretch, so I probably should have sized up. But for a top that took less than an hour to make I'm pretty happy with it! And the leopard print is subtle enough - even though it's metallic - that I'll actually get some wear out of it.

So definitely not the craziest or most adorable entry, but I'm glad I found a way to participate that was in keeping with my style!

Stay crazy, my fellow cat ladies ;)

<3 Lindsay

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